do not search here for affirmation
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making money again

time for more tattoos I guess


Untitled (1982), Jean-Michel Basquiat


Untitled (1982), Jean-Michel Basquiat

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how scary should i do my makeup for the first day of classes

i’m thinking yes red lipstick but no black eyeshadow

Keep up to-date on the events in Ferguson →


And in the nature of keeping everyone in the loop, please reblog this link if you’re going to spread word about it. It’s just a list, impartial, a great way to know everything from start to current events.

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attention i have 11 pillows

if anyone ever comes and visits me do not bring a pillow because i have 11 

Anonymous asked: you go to american university? do you love it?

  1. yeah
  2. eih

was i mean to that anon?

it’s 2:20am and i’m tired and i honestly cannot tell 

Anonymous asked: So as a guy who sees highly sexual girls all around him (or at least girls who claim to be highly sexual), and who gets NO action, how do I know if a girl I like is receptive at all? Or does the fact I need to ask the question at all provide some hint as to why no action? (I'm sorry, I'm still coming off a big high.)

apparent problems with you and reasons you might not be getting any “action”: 

  1. you see highly sexual girls around you? are you friends with them? are you in social circles with them? or do you just see them? physically? from across the quad? because if you’re not actually interacting with these girls you are not going to get anywhere with them. do you ask them if they’re interested in you? do you ask them on dates? do you ask them if they want to sleep with you? because if you’re not showing any interest, they might not think to be the first ones to do so. 
  2. "or at least girls who claim to be highly sexual" what the fuck does that mean? a girl’s perception of herself is who she is. you can be a highly sexual person and not have any sex. you can be a highly sexual person and have sex with one other person. or you can be a highly sexual person and sleep around a shitton. i think part of why you are upset is because you do not understand the basics of human sexuality. 
  3. you know if someone is receptive by asking. politely. you are apparently not doing that. 
  4. i am not an advice person and don’t generally answer questions like this so i don’t actually know why i received this question at all. so you’re probably also asking the wrong people for advice. 

it is so humid today

please remind me again why i moved to this wretched region of the country

i went on a date

hah i didn’t back out hah look at me being a functional human being